Who we are

At EQUUS, we practice riding with children, teens and adults to learn how to handle one of the most beautiful animals in nature: Horses. Riding is a noble sport that offers possibilities for children, teens and adults to access recreation, therapy, sports, rehabilitation and training on a personal and work level.

In 1990, a dream came true in the city of Medellín: to have an equestrian training center, open to all kinds of public. For its headquarters have passed more than a thousand students, among which are some who later played important roles in this sport.

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Made for children thtat are 3 years or older, where through various exercises in different cadences such as step, trot and gallop you get confidence, stability, balance, body posture and horse riding. After completing this level the rider is able to mount any type of horse in open field or enclosure with confidence and safety.


This program aims to offer a different activity during the school break (June, October and December). An attractive program for children and adolescents that guarantees the good use of their free time, using the horse as a formative tool to assimilate the fundamental values for the coexistence with nature and its environment.


Program aimed at forming leaders and introjecting ethical values that allow to reach the vision, generate confidence, sense of belonging, increase the value of the organizations in the market, to create spaces to listen, to orient, to align, to act and to learn in team with its collaborators.


This program seeks to create rehabilitation opportunities for people with physical, mental and sensory disabilities, and thus improve their living conditions, by using horses as a therapeutic tool. It has an interdisciplinary group conformed by doctor, physiotherapist, psychologist and equine therapist.


This project aims to offer recreation to people in adulthood. For them it is very important to have experiences that gives them satisfactions, achieve new purposes and makes them more productive in gratification with their existence, and thus regenerate the energy needed for day to day.


In Equus we have pleasant, comfortable and ideal spaces so that you celebrate all your events in a unique and special way.

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